This has been a challenging year for many of you, which is why I feel comfortable writing a blog like this. I think that by sharing our challenges we can celebrate our accomplishments and resilience wholly.

The year started with me facing the battle for my husband’s life, one which we lost in March. A piece of me went with my husband, and I know I will never get that part of me back. I did not fully understand grief and everything that comes with it. He was my best friend and the person who made my life complete.

To add to this, COVID restrictions were put in place not one week from my husband’s funeral. I found myself grieving in isolation, watching my business come to halt and seeing my children struggle with loss and change. It was overwhelming, to say the least.

I learned that instead of focusing on what I had lost, I needed to focus on the opportunity of personal growth that could mend that empty space. This growth would come from listening, sharing, and learning.


The Widowed Mom Podcast – Coaching with Krista – My first stop was to listen to other widowed mothers. Being a mother and business owner, I found myself juggling my mental challenges, those of my children and also the COVID limitations of my business. I had to pivot in so many ways, I didn’t know where to start – so I started at home.

I started with me and my children. Business was important, yes, but my health, and the health of my children was essential. Listening to stories that I could relate to gave me the space to understand and accept my new reality.

Cedars Cancer Center – They have a robust team specialized in psychosocial services to help with grief and transitioning back to work. Through my husband’s illness and his final days, there was a fantastic support team ready to help me. I reached out to them as soon as I was ready to re-focus on business and get the ball rolling again.


Social Presence/Personal Brand – Prior to 2020, I used my social channels purely for business development, sharing the latest jobs I was recruiting for and the stories that were shared with me. This year, I took a more personal approach and I decided that putting my story out there, my struggles, my resilience and my reflections may help those of you who are also going through tough times.

Believe it or not, it’s the personal stories that garnered the most love and attention. It’s that connection that led to some incredibly insightful business conversation because our professional and personal lives are not mutually exclusive. The sooner we recognize how deeply intertwined they are, the more personal growth we can help each other achieve.


Option B by Sheryl Sandberg – The concept of resilience really struck a chord with me this year. Overcoming loss, working with grief and dealing with COVID seemed to be the perfect storm that resilience could flourish from. Learning how to become resilient after a number of punches to the face has been the greatest gift. We all have it in us, but we need to learn and practice it to be able to get up quicker, faster and stronger.

Life Coaching Certification – I spoke about this briefly in other blog posts what it was really the podcast that inspired me to pursue this, and the private responses I received to my very personal blog posts. As you can tell, I received support for the many phases and faces of grief from different disjointed sources. I believe this type of help can be delivered in a more holistic and connected way.

Many of you are struggling in silence, and I want you to be heard. If I can give back to this beautiful community that I somehow created, it’s the least I can do. You lent me your ear, I want to lend you mine, and provide the support that takes into consideration your personal and your professional life. That’s right – singular. We all have one life to live, let’s make it great!

These are a few tools I used to help me understand, accept and overcome. Maybe one or more of these can help you in the challenges you are facing. As I move forward with my life coaching certification, I am happy to talk about any opportunities to help me in my practice. Should you need that type of support, please get in touch with me.

On a final note, I’d like to thank you for reading about my experiences as I worked through my grief and challenges. I read every single message and note of support. Each one made a big impact and is directly connected to where I am at today.

For me, 2021 is full of promise and new adventures, and I wish nothing less for you.