The holidays have always been a time to reflect on the good and the bad. This year in particular is harder than the rest. My first holiday season without my husband is leaving me wanting to feel more joy, gratitude, and happiness. Does COVID make it harder? Maybe. But all is not lost.

As of mid-March, employees have stuck by their employers. Some have agreed to cuts to their salaries and hours, some miss their coworkers and are feeling isolated, and others are barely coping. Dear employer, you’ve got team members who have left, some who have joined and others who have had to pick up some slack. The challenges faced by employees have never been more mentally and professionally draining. A boost of energy, togetherness and motivation has never been more important.

As the holidays draw near, one thing is clear – the parties and togetherness we’re used to will not be the same. Instead of skipping celebrations with your work teams this year, it’s essential that genuine thought be put towards how to feel closer and take a collective breath.

This post is dedicated to employers who are wondering how to look past the existing COVID limitations, abandon they’re “usual” holiday party plans and adapt.

Here are some ideas for a virtual COVID holiday party!

Festive feasts

Purchase a gift card to a food delivery service like Uber Eats for all of your employees to pick up their favourite meals. You can all enjoy your meals as a group while playing some team-building games.  

Rockin’ Round the Kitchen

Culinary schools offer businesses packages to host a virtual cooking class. Your employees receive a box of ingredients and the chef will teach everyone how to make the dish while on video conferencing.

Reindeer Games

Kahoot! is a popular trivia games that many have adapted into a contest full of prizes and memories. But what kind of prizes? Anything that can be sent digitally – like gift cards to popular retailers.

If trivia is not your thing, how about some online “escape rooms?” The gist is that everyone searches for clues using their own devices all while being in a video chat together. Winners get prizes!

Shh… Secret Santa

Just because you’re not in the office doesn’t mean that this tradition can go the way of the dodo. Websites like are there for you – they’ll pick random names, email your team ideas and reminders, and everyone can open gifts while on video chat. Easy peasy.

Acts that sleigh

Hire local artists to join your celebration. From comedians to musicians, talent is out there for you. If you want to get more flashy, head over to and hire your favourite star to deliver a personalized message to you and your talented team!

Wine & Cheers

COVID has seen the rise in catering businesses specializing in grazing boxes featuring local wines, cheeses and charcuterie. Deliver one to each employee to enjoy. Spice it up by hiring a sommelier or a cheese expert to speak to the delicacies you’re enjoying and their history.

It’s never too late to practice gratitude and share that with co-workers. You’ll find everyone is yearning for those meaningful interactions. Let’s have a happy holiday season together!

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