career panning conversation between women

Being in isolation is touted as being valuable time for reflection and innovation – so I stopped saying “yeah yeah” and gave it a shot.

I thought about how I can help my candidates stand out and save employers money at the same time.

During the hiring process, and sometimes even as employees, my candidates fear the tests that employers run. Meanwhile employers pay top dollar for credible psychometric tests that allow them to assess candidate “fit” through intelligence, personality and skill assessments. How many times have you enjoyed being part of this process? I hear crickets…

How great would it be to have access to psychometric tests and be able to review the results with a trusted advisor, as opposed to your (future) boss?

I took a long look at the traditional services I have offered as part of career planning. One area that would benefit from psychometric support is my consultation service. The test outcomes give me insights to help better guide and support candidates in their career journey. I broke it all down into three areas of development.

General Consultation

I speak with many candidates who are looking for direction. From changing careers, or looking for strategies to advance, these consultations are cover broader conversations. As someone wiser than me once said – how can you know how to get there if you don’t know where you’re going?

The psychometric tests I can conduct to inform these conversations include Career advancement profile, Multi-dimensional intelligence, Work integrity, and Work personality.

Skills Consultation

You’ve been a professional for at least 3 years and you know there are some areas you need to focus on. These can be skills you aspire to, have been brought to you or you simply want to explore. But where do you start? This consultation is specific to skills you’re looking to develop or enhance in order to make your work life for efficient, or your resume more attractive.

The psychometric tests I can conduct to inform these conversations include Management skills & style, Emotional intelligence quotient, Organization skills and Time management.

Profile Consultation

Some of my candidates identify more with their role than with their skills. Proud customer service agents and sales professionals look to either improve on the skills required for their roles, or ace the interview for their next big thing. Whichever bucket you find yourself into, let’s talk about how to get you to that next level.

The psychometric tests I can conduct to inform these conversations include Clerical aptitude, Customer service profile, IT aptitude personality & attitude, Retail sales and Sales person personality tests.

Before you send in that resume and feel the anxiety of competition, give yourself the confidence of knowing yourself, your (future) boss, and your target job, better than the rest.

Start by downloading the price list (English or French) and contact me to get some perspective today.