Our clients range from several of Canada’s Top 50 Employers to small, entrepreneurial organizations that are hiring their first sales or marketing professionals. We are comfortable working with large or small businesses. We can act as an HR department for smaller companies, as well as work hand in hand with HR departments.  Big or small, we take the time to understand our clients, their requirements, their business practices, and how they go to market to find the right employees.   We combine this research with focused expertise and methodologies to find them the talent they want and need.

We work in nearly every industry sector from financial services to high tech and our vigorous hiring process can help you find the right sales or marketing professional for your organization.  Sales and marketing are the most important component of every company and hiring talented people is challenging.  We help companies save time and money by finding the right candidate quickly and ensuring your organization hits their sales targets.

Use Infographics to Make Your Job Ads go Viral

Eximius Personnel is proud to announce that new recruitment solutions are now available.  We have expanded our suite of services to include innovative infographic job descriptions and postings, catered for your website and social media sites.

Making the most of your job descriptions will help you attract real talent – and done right, job descriptions help you hire the right people for the job.  We will collaborate with you to communicate your company’s brand message, corporate culture and career opportunities in a way that will attract and impress job seekers. These customized and unique job descriptions will definitely capture their attention.

Our job description and job posting services range from the well-defined and professional Classic style to tailored infographic designs.

We would be pleased to have the opportunity to work with you. Please free to contact me directly to discuss how Eximius Personnel can make the most out of your job descriptions.

Job description –

An internal document that lays out in detail the exact roles and responsibilities of a particular position. A job description can be used as a tool for new employee orientation to help set expectations, supervision, performance reviews.  The primary purpose of a job description is to identify the essential functions of the position.  A job description can then be used also to build a job posting.

Job posting –

An internal and/or external document used to solicit interest in a particular job opening.  As such, it is viewed as a marketing tool.  Because this will be the first thing applicants read, it’s a great place to sell the job to the candidates you’re trying to attract (and to weed out those who won’t be able to meet your expectations).

Success Rate:

Success rate with using a professional recruiter


Success rate through searching candidate databases to find the perfect candidate


Success rate with finding the perfect candidate through an ad in the newspaper


Success rate finding the perfect candidate through social media


Success rate finding the perfect candidate with Eximius Personnel


Success rate with finding the perfect candidate through word of mouth


Success rate with finding the perfect candidate though an employee referral program


Success rate with finding the perfect candidate at career events


Success rate with finding a perfect candidate through a your company’s website career section


Success rate with finding a perfect candidate through your industry contacts